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Victor B. Cohen is a 15-year veteran in the field of nutrition, health and exercise. He has numerous Natural body building titles and overall victories in his body building career.

Victor has successfully counseled people from all over the country in the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. His knowledge and guidance has greatly improved the lives of people afflicted with Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Fatigue, Obesity, etc. as well as those just wanting to achieve a lean and healthy body through state-of-the-art nutrition and supplementation.

Victor Cohen is a powerfully effective, charismatic speaker with a cutting edge knowledge of the latest findings in nutritional research. His outstanding lectures have inspired thousands of people from every walk of life to improve themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through a proper understanding of nutrition, supplementation and exercise. He has the ability to take his expertise in the intricate and confusing field of health and nutrition and can be easily understood. He also enjoys answering questions and breaking many myths of nutrition.